What is Factory Reset Protection?

Factory Reset Protection, or in short FRP is a method which aims to protect smartphones with Android software against theft. The above mentioned is supposed to make the stolen smartphone simply useless for the thief.

PRF - everything worth knowing

Google PRF resetting an account bypassing Samsung may, however, turn out to be a trap even for the phone user himself. What does this result from? Namely, because when you want to reset your phone, for example, in order to sell it, it is necessary to remove your Google Account from the phone and only then to do a phone reset. If we forget about it and sell the phone, then the person who bought it from us will not be able to use it. In such a situation, you will have to provide the Pin unlocking Sim LG network. However, in order for the sales process to be quick and the Vodafone unlock pin is not necessary, it is advisable to delete the account from the phone first and only then to restore the factory settings. This will save both your time and the buyer.

How to reset google account activation
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